We formed Culture Innovations because we believe...

  • We have a track record of being resilient and adaptive in the face of societal & technological disruption and increasing diversity.
  • We are passionate about creating better leaders who in turn develop people to be their best, who then produce results for their company, are challenged by their work, make money, and have fun.
  • Together, we can move organizations’ cultures to become more humanistic, connective, and achieving, and that these thriving cultures will make organizations more successful than they are now.

Nancy Benthien, Managing Partner

Coach and Culture Consultant

Nancy's focus is working with science, technology, and engineering companies build cultures that thrive. She helps STEM organizations’ leaders to become better at leading, at breaking down organizational silos, at building cross-cultural competence in global teams, and improving team dynamics for effective performance.

jill web.png

Jill Knocke, PCC , Managing Partner

Coach and Culture Consultant

Unexpected.  This is how Jill Knocke, PCC describes her professional career journey.  When she said yes to her first Human Resources position; when she said yes to an International HR Manager role; when she went completely out of her comfort zone to lead a start-up product manufacturing line; when she supported the closure of an entire business unit that ultimately led her to use all the skills she’d gained along the way to realize her dream of becoming an entrepreneur.