The Elusive Inclusive Leadership Bench Needs a Different Hashtag - not #MentorHer

The new hashtag going around #MentorHer doesn’t cut it.  Not that I don’t appreciate the sentiment that there needs to be a focus on being more inclusive in developing leaders all up and down the organization. It’s that women tend to be over-mentored and yet under-sponsored. Sponsorship – where a senior leader actively advocates for promotion or advancement on behalf of another – is much more effective for building the number of women in leadership roles.

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Leaders Intentionally Shape Organizational Culture to Succeed at Strategic Change

Companies in highly technical industries, e.g. Energy or Technology, are known for their capabilities to engineer solutions to difficult problems such as safely drilling high pressure/high temperature (HPHT) wells or creating self-driving automobiles. It’s natural to think that industry leaders can simply apply similar engineering approaches and processes to address their own organizations’ challenges.

Why is it then, that so many strategic initiatives in companies produce little results, stall, or out-and-out fail? Why don’t change management processes really work? Recent studies suggest that approximately 60% organizations are considered weak in execution. (1) 

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Hello there. We are Culture Innovations!

How do you describe what your company is like when you’re interviewing a leader for a job?  You ask questions about their background, answer a few questions in return…but how do you really know if the candidate will not only “fit in” but be part of shaping your ideal culture?  And how would you describe what culture is needed to deliver on your strategy? We are Culture Innovations and we are here to help.

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