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Nancy Benthien, Managing Partner

Coach and Culture Consultant


Nancy's focus is working with science, technology, and engineering companies build cultures that thrive. She helps STEM organizations’ leaders to become better at leading, at breaking down organizational silos, at building cross-cultural competence in global teams, and improving team dynamics for effective performance.

She didn’t get to this point by accident. Starting out with a career as a geoscientist, Nancy quickly realized that even with great enthusiasm for geology and technology, helping others reach for the stars in their own growth and development is a true calling and incredibly rewarding. Her career path moved from technical roles in geophysics and geology through software consulting, sales, product management, leading teams, and heading a business line at a large tech firm. Her success in these roles can be attributed to her willingness to take risks and reach outside her comfort zone.

True to her growth mindset, she continues her education. In 2013, she obtained a graduate-level coaching certification from Columbia University. Additionally, Nancy is certified in the Birkman personality/behavioral assessment, Culture in the Workplace (Hofstede model), CultureActive (Lewis Model), and the Neethling Brain Instrument (NBI).

For more information about her career, check out her LinkedIn profile.