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Because we’ve been there. We’ve been leaders in complex, global organizations, We have extensive experience in various industries. We’ve worked in technical fields. We continue our education. And we’ve learned from it all.

Because we go there. We have the courage to talk straight AND be supportive. To be transformative, we have to be able to be straightforward and honest.

Because we innovate with you.  We hold a growth mindset as we work with you to develop the organization and its leaders in the best way possible given your circumstances.


thriving cultures

Recognizing that it takes an intentional approach for leaders to shape the desired corporate culture (or subcultures), Culture Innovations can guide you through a process, designed to help you understand where you are, where you want to go, and help you get there. We work with executives to identify the company's ideal culture and its current state. Most importantly, we can identify the aspects of culture that need reshaping or strengthening to attain the ideal culture and help you achieve it. Depending on your specific needs, we use a variety of assessment and development tools. Check out our Resources page for the list of tools and methodologies we are certified to use. 

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We are certified coaches and have been working with leaders for years.  We have been in your shoes and understand the challenges that come with inspiring, engaging and developing others. Seventy percent (70%) of people who resign from companies say it’s because of the personality or behavior of their direct supervisor.  Let us help you crack the leadership code.

  • Executive coaching
  • Emerging leaders coaching
  • Team and Group coaching
  • Expatriate coaching
  • High potential and retention programs
  • Developing leaders as coaches



Today’s teams are often multi-disciplinary, cross-cultural, and behave more as a group of individuals than as a real team. Unfortunately, most team development work just skims the surface of what is needed to make teams truly effective and high performing. We go deeper to help enhance team dynamics by addressing unmet or insufficiently met needs of the team. We start with the foundation of building Cultural Competency within the group. Depending on your needs, we can help you explore and address challenges such as building trust, giving & receiving feedback, using conflict constructively, and building team agility & resilience. We use a number of tools, including individual & team assessments, team & individual coaching.


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More than a cliche, there is a fundamental truth: “Culture eats Strategy for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!”. Without addressing your organization’s cultural barriers and leveraging its strengths, your strategy execution is a game of chance.

We can guide your organization every step of the way through your strategy implementation. We bring with us a variety of tools to use including:

  • Building communities of change deep into the organization
  • Leadership coaching
  • Culture and climate assessment, shaping, and monitoring
  • Communication skills


STRATEGIC human resources

Being strategic in Human Resources today means being a business leader who understands the ROI of talent development, the impact culture has on organizational performance and how to steer executives in making decisions and taking action.

Culture Innovations can help build HR capabilities to deliver:

  • Customized performance management programs
  • Strategic Human Resource plans
  • Change Management programs and tools
  • Post acquisition support to integrate policies and people
  • Learning how to navigate the world after the #MeToo movement 
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